Limited Edition Stonewashed Flipper D2 Large Full Blackout


The new limited edition full black Large D2 Flipper with Stonewashed blade with a Honey Badger embroidered padded pouch included.

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One of the most common and popular blade shapes, the drop-point is characterized by a convex spine that curves down from the handle to the point. This creates an easily controlled point and a bigger belly for slicing. Drop points are great for general-purpose use and ideal for hunters. Overall, this blade style has been Honey Badger’s most popular, best-selling model.

Specs & Features

  • D2 Stainless steel blade
  • Handle color: Black with matching black back spacer.
  • Reversible ambidextrous left hand or right hand pocket carry.
  • True deep pocket carry clip
  • No Finger Choil. Choil removed to yield longer usable blade length.
  • Black Nylon Pouch with Honey Badger Logo Embroidered in Gold.
  • Torx Tool included in Nylon Pouch
  • Honey comb pattern for multi-directional grip.
  • Light and Slim
  • Resistant to slipping even if wet
  • Fit ergonomically in the hand
  • Handle slabs and blade spines that contact the hands in use
  • Handle FRN (Fiber Reinforced Nylon)
  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship


Dimensions Metric Imperial
Overall Length: 208mm 8.2 inches
Blade Length: 92mm 3.63 inches
Closed Length: 117mm 4.6 inches
Blade Thickness 3.0mm 0.12 inches
Weight: 110g 3.88 oz
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