Honey Badger – Africa’s Toughest Knives

Honey Badgers are known for their strength, fearlessness and most notably, their toughness.
They are Africa’s toughest animal, so it made sense that Africa’s toughest knife should carry the same name.

Honey Badger Knives were conceived in 2014 by our Founder and Head Knife Designer, Marc Ager who saw a need in South Africa for an affordable range of high-quality, practical and durable EDC knives. This affordability was a key factor as with South Africa’s poor exchange rate many users were looking for the best value for money available, and in achieving this Honey Badger surprisingly also found a similar demand even in more affluent markets including USA, Europe, GCC, Israel, Australia, New Zealand etc. It quickly became clear to us that a combination of high quality & exceptional value is a common need amongst knife enthusiasts worldwide.

With over 40 years’ experience in the hunting and outdoor market, a wealth of experience and a lifelong passion for knives, Marc spent 18 months researching and fine-tuning his designs, and these became the first 3 models of the Honey Badger range. The Claw, Hook and Flipper / Drop-point launched at the April 2016 HuntEx Expo in Johannesburg, South Africa, and now 7 years later, the great success of the original 3 models has mushroomed into a vast, current range of 8 different blade styles, each in three different sizes, and in three different blade steels, and in 6 different coloured FRN (Fibre Reinforced Nylon) handles.

We also offer a full range of spares and accessories including black fittings, screws and clips and a bespoke range of machined G10 handles and back-spacers.

All of which, are readily available at affordable pricing for users to customise and upgrade as they desire.

Honey Badger knives are all superbly designed to be tough, hard-wearing, and totally competent in varied long-term use. All our knives have an incredibly smooth, almost frictionless opening and closing action, that is facilitated by two opposing roller bearings that contain a total of 18 ball bearings.

Africa’s toughest knives are also Africa’s smoothest, and using them is an absolute pleasure!

The handle slabs of each knife are made from a Fibre Reinforced Nylon (FRN) and are available in 6 colours – there’s a choice to suit every preference. These virtually unbreakable FRN handles carry a ridged honey-comb pattern that provides an excellent multi-directional grip, and whilst light in weight and slim in width, they are extremely tough, slip-resistant when wet and dry, and they fit ergonomically in your hand.

In addition, the recent introduction of Accessory G10 handles in 8 colours gives you the opportunity to further upgrade to a more exotic, customizable, somewhat bespoke option if you prefer.

We currently use 3 different Blade steels across our range of knives;
8Cr13MoV – This is a great value fully Stainless Steel that holds a good edge, it is rust resistant and really easy to sharpen.
D2 – This is a higher Carbon steel for increased Edge retention, but it can be subject to rust & is a little harder to re-sharpen. It’s a better choice for very heavy duty usage, but it needs a bit more care and attention than the 8Cr13MoV.
SANDVIK 14C28N – This is an excellent quality, high performance, Swedish knife making steel. It is very corrosion resistant, boasts a great edge retention and is also relatively easy to re-sharpen.

With such a large number of options available, we offer a knife selection tool on our website. This tool will help you select the right knife for you and your needs.

It’s a simple process of selecting your preferred blade style, the knife size you want and the handle colour.

You will then be shown the selection of knives available in all steel options that fit your criteria.

Failing that, we are here to help and love hearing from you, if you would like suggestions or advice on what option is best for you, contact us and let us guide you to your perfect everyday carry!

Honey Badger is the perfect blend of quality, functionality, choice, fun and most importantly, our range is affordable.
Customer service, innovation and consistent, competitive prices are at the heart of our business.
Our passionate and dedicated customer service team are trained and ready to answer any and all questions that you may have.

And we love to hear your stories, so feel free to let us know what you and your knives get up to!

Thank you for choosing Honey Badger, we truly believe that you will love your knife, that it will become your first choice for your every-day carry, and we hope you enjoy the experience of owning one of Africa’s toughest knives!

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