Honey Badger Warranty

Honey Badger knives warrants, all products for a period of 10 years, are free from any defects in material and workmanship. Knives are designed for cutting, any abuse or misuse, such as lack of maintenance, improper sharpening, using the knife as a Pry-bar etc. will specifically invalidate this warranty. With reasonable care and maintenance your Honey-Badger knife will long outlast the 10 year guarantee.

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Waiver Of Liability And Indemnity

In purchasing this or any Honey Badger product the buyer assumes responsibility to ascertain and heed all applicable Local, National and International laws in carrying, owning, having, transporting and in the usage of any Honey Badger product. In purchasing this or any Honey Badger product, the buyer agrees to indemnify the manufacturer, distributor and or the Dealer for any claims in this regard.

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