Sheepsfoot Blade – Honey Badger “Tong” Models


As also only sold in South Africa, this HB blade shape is characterized by a straight edge and a spine that curves down to meet it at the point. Sheepsfoot blades are designed for slicing while minimizing the potential for accidental piercing with the point. It was originally used to trim the hooves of sheep but the totally flat cutting edge can make maximum contact & where the entire length of the blade is presented linearly against the surface that is being cut, allowing for maximum cutting ability & very good fine control. While for some this design is perhaps less stylish than other HB designs, we notice its ability makes it a firm favourite of many users who use knives every day for extended purposes. We named it the Tong as it’s also used by many South African users in a reverse grip for cutting a traditional dried Jerky meat product named Biltong. It’s also ideal in this mode for peeling fruit or vegetables. It also has a pocket/bottlecap opener on the blade spine.

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