Old Model vs New Model

In 2019 Honey Badger released their new handle design that allowed for moving the pocket clip for both right and left-hand carry.
All handle sets that were released since then were designed to only fit these new models.
The most obvious way to see if you have an old or a new model knife is by looking at the pocket clip screws.
New models have 2 pocket clip screws on BOTH sides of the knife. The older model knives that are not compatible have only one screw opposite the pocket clip.

Another change that was made was to make the pivot screw removable from only one side. This was achieved by the pivot screw having a Torx socket only on one side. The non-pocket clip side as the knife comes out of the box.
On the pocket clip side of the new model, there is just a round hole in which the wrench will not fit.
On the new model, a spacer was inserted on the non-pocket clip side. When the pocket clip is moved to the other side this spacer then fills the slot on the other side where the pocket clip was.
So, if you are wanting to fit new scales to your knife, make sure to know if you have the older or the newer model.

Post Credit: Honey Badger Knives USA

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