South-African Knife Maker Of The Month

As Africa’s toughest knife and a proudly South African brand, Honey Badger is thrilled to shine a spotlight on some of the most esteemed and globally recognized local knife makers. Through our “South African Knife Maker of the Month” initiative, we aim to introduce our Honey Badger enthusiasts to the exceptional talent that South Africa has to offer, one member of the Knife Makers Guild of Southern Africa (KGSA) at a time.

Each KGSA member featured here is a testament to the remarkable skill and creativity found within our borders. Crafting extraordinary masterpieces with intricate designs, distinctive elements, and exclusive materials, these knife makers represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship.

Be sure to check back regularly as we unveil a new knife maker every month. We take immense pride in sharing the stories of these highly successful and globally acclaimed South African artisans.

For more information about the KGSA, please visit their website at

Rucus Coetzee

Introducing Rucus Coetzee, a master bladesmith and our Knife Maker of the Month for June! Rucus specializes in historically inspired blades and custom knives that showcase his exceptional skill and artistry.

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Deon Nel

Known as “The Knife Whisperer,” Deon seamlessly blends traditional and modern design elements to create stunning, functional masterpieces.

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Herucus Blomerus

Meet Herucus Blomerus, our esteemed Knife Maker of the Month! 🇿🇦 With over 32 years of experience in the craft, Herucus has transformed his passion for knife making into a full-time profession.

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Jan Wahl

Discover Jan Wahl, our Knife Maker of the Month, infusing nature’s beauty into every blade with passion and precision.

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André Thorburn L22

André Thorburn

Discover the captivating journey of André Thorburn, a South African knife maker whose dedication to his craft has earned him global acclaim.

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