“The New Wharncleaver D2 limited models are not only exclusive in that they feature the New Blue handle scales, but also in that they exclusively feature matching Black Back-Spacers and Black Pocket Clips. All other new large and medium Blue Wharncleaver and Flipper models as also arriving soon, will have Blue Back-Spacers and S.S. Pocket Clips.

Only the Limited first-run D2 models in medium and large will have these very striking & unique, complimentary colour variances in the clips and Back-Spacers.

Once they are sold, we will never repeat these variations again, as limited editions we feel they must remain exclusive.

Sincere thanks to you all for a really incredible sales effort, SA Honey Badger sales are really hitting an all-time high and while USA, Aussie, NZ distributors also all place re-orders.  

Its an incredibly strong signal from the market, that users are loving these knives and their Great capability, at amazingly affordable pricing.

The New Powder Blue Models and new Wharncleaver blade designs were very carefully researched and planned to add Extra Excitement and Renewed Interest to the Range.

With very kind assistance from SA Custom Knife Guru, Andre Thorburne we first made some working prototypes, and then about 12 slightly modified laser cut blade variations before we were totally happy with the final Wharncleaver design’s ergonomics and function.  This is an incredibly Fun Job & the final effort is simply about best possible performance and usability in extended use.

And a lot of Happy-knife nuts are hopefully going to find a really resilient little Honey Badger in their Christmas Stocking?



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